How much does it cost to announce with you?

It doesn’t cost anything to be announced, the fees are charged once the property has been sold and our commission fee is 6%.

Why put my property on the market through your Real State agency?

When you plan to sale your property the best you can do is to work with an expert in Selva & Co Realty we are intimately familiar with the selling process and we offer you the best broker experience:

Our Real State agency is not based on putting a sign in your property, we give promotion through our social networks and Internet pages.

Selva & Co, work together with other agencies to create a massive diffusion of your property.

Our agency is in charge of selecting the potential buyers before they visit the property, making sure he fits our requirements to be a real customer, so this way we save you time and effort.

During the purchase, we are in charge of answering our buyer’s doubts about transactions and the purchase process, so this way we speed up the negotiation.

What is the tax income?

In Mexico ISR, is a federal tax that it is charge on the profits generated by reselling a property.

How do I calculate my ISR?

It is obtained by subtracting the initial value of the property to the value of the final price; on the resulting amount you pay a 30% of tax.